Collaborative Practices in Creative Computing

Posted by: pangelo on January 1, 2014

As the first stage after the approval of my research proposal I have been conducting since the summer a set of qualitative and quantitative user studies in order to better understand the work processes and practices surrounding creative applications of technology in New Media Art.

I am especially interested in which technologies and tools are more prevalent, and how these are used to support the creative process and emergent collaborative practices. The process started with informal ethnographic observation performed at artist residencies, from which I gleaned a set of observations that allowed me to do a set of semi-structured interviews with artists and creatives who use creative computing technologies in their work. These interviews resulted in deep, rich insights into the needs and practices of New Media artists in creative environments.

The last step in this set of studies is a broad online questionnaire that aims to quantify with a larger sample some of the salient aspects of the previous studies. If you are an artist or creative using digital technologies to develop your work (especially if involves applications of interactive systems like art installations or live performances), Id like to invite you to take part in this study. and help us improve our understanding of your practice so that we can develop better tools.

Thank you.


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